Metaltek XB1200 Beamline


The Metaltek XB1200 Beamline coping system from Advanced Robotic Technology can efficiently process hot and cold rolled structural steel profiles. Supported profiles include RHS, SHS, UB, UC, PFC, TFC, EA and UA.

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All copes, mitres, square cuts, slots and holes can be cut automatically. Full bevel weld preps can be applied to all surfaces including underneath!

Plasma etch marking is also a standard feature for part numbers, welding instructions, alignment marks etc. Three different processes are available to achieve various finishes from a fine powder like etch that can be hidden by paint, to a deep scribe that is visible even through galvanising.

The advanced CNC controller reads industry standard DSTV and DXF drawing files supporting software packages such as Tekla, StruCad, AutoCad and many more.

Please watch the following video for an overview of the XB1200

Metaltek beam machine logo

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