Process all structural steel profiles
automatically with a single machine

The Metaltek XB1200 CNC Plasma Beamline

One machine that DOES IT ALL!

One advanced machine can efficiently process hot and cold rolled structural steel profiles. Supported profiles include RHS, SHS, UB, UC, PFC, TFC, EA, UA, Plate and Pipe.
All copes, mitres, square cuts, slots and holes can be cut automatically. Full bevel weld preps can be applied to all surfaces including underneath!

Plasma etch marking is also a standard feature for part numbers, welding instructions, alignment marks etc.
The advanced CNC controller reads industry standard DSTV and DXF drawing files supporting software packages such as Tekla, StruCad, AutoCad and many more.
Take a look at some of the outstanding features

Our Technology

Material Handling

Material is queued up by operator on in-feed buffer. Machine feeds material across and through as required. Finished parts are fed onto the out-feed buffers.


Metaltek XB1200 reads NC1/DSTV files from all industry standard detailing software such as Tekla, Advance Steel, ProSteel, StruCad, Revit etc.

Import 3D Models

Open 3D models from 3D CAD such as SolidWorks, Inventor, SolidEdge, OnShape etc. Supports all profiles. All cut-paths are generated automatically.

Cuts All Profiles

Cut Channel, Beam & Column up to 1200mm wide, Equal & Unequal Angle, Pipe up to 1000mm and Flat plate up to 50mm thick

Automatic Nesting

Nesting happens instantly as files are imported into the job queue. The machine tells you profiles and quantity required. 


Part numbers, alignment marks, fold lines, welding symbols etc. can all be marked with precision. Track parts and eliminate the need for measuring.


all structural profiles

Beam & Column, Equal & Unequal Angle, Parallel & Tapered Flange Channel, Square & Rectangular Hollow Section with Etching/marking on all faces

Pipe coping & bevelling

Pipe components up to 1000mm diameter can be easily cut on the XB1200. All weld preps can be performed at the same time.

Plate Cutting & Bevelling

Sheet and plate steel components can be nested and cut easily. Base plates, cleats, brackets and much more. Plate is cut in line will all other profiles.

General Videos

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Most frequent questions and answers

No, all files are imported direct from the CAD and tooling parameters and offsets are automatically calculated from the extensive database within the controller.

NC1 – The industry standard file format for structural steel is exported from most steel detailing programs such as Tekla, Advance Steel, ProSteel etc.

DXF – Exported from all 2D CAD programs. Each face of the profile is drawn on separate layers. Leaders give information about bevels. Special layers are used for etching/marking, bevels, quantities and profile information.

STL/STP – 3D models can be exported from any 3D CAD program such as SolidWorks, Inventor, SolidEdge, OnShape etc. in many different 3D model ffile formats. We find that STL is the most trouble free and uniform format.

All file types can be intermingled within the parts nest. The XB1200 does not differentiate between parts drawn or exported in different formats. It speaks many languages!

We cannot know what your pricing strategy is, however the controller can open all files at once and provide a detailed spreadsheet with each variable in the parts selected.

You may edit costs per column for items such as number of cuts, number of holes, number of etch marks, length of feeding, weight of material etc.

The totals of each column are automatically calculated and added together based on your settings, and a total price is calculated.

The controller previews all parts and cut paths before cutting. A desktop version of the software is included to allow draftspersons to preview parts and check validity of files in the office.

No, unlike some competing machines the Metaltek XB1200 is installed with all functionality enabled. It can process all compatible profiles and file types.

Regular updates ensure the latest performance and functionality.

Simply select the files for the job and the ProfileShop controller software separates all parts into their specific materials. They are then nested into available material lengths from the internal stock control library. Offline nesting software is also provided.

2D DXF files can be edited right there on the machine controller using a familiar cad interface. Other file formats (NC1, STL, STP etc.) can be automatically converted into DXF by the controller and exported for easy modification in the onboard cad software.

The thickness of material is determined by the choice of plasma power supply. The Hypertherm XPR300 is the standard model and has a maximum pierce capacity of around 50mm and a maximum edge start capability of up to 80mm. 

We recommend a maximum 40mm thick flange thickness to enable weld preps and bevels up to 45 degrees to be cut.

Other plasma power supplies are available to suit different requirements.

♦ All hot-rolled structural steel profiles up to 1200mm wide by 600mm deep can be cut easily including Universal Beam, Universal Column, Parallel Flange Channel, Equal & Unequal Angle.

♦ Hollow rolled sections including RHS and SHS up to 1200mm x 600mm.

♦ Pipe and Circular Hollow Section (CHS) up to 1000mm diameter.

♦ Plate up to 1200mm wide x 4000mm on the default size cutting deck cartridge. Longer lengths cartridges are available. 

There is theoretically no limit to the length of material that can be processed. The default in-feed conveyor length is 18 metres. The default out-feed conveyor length for finished parts is 12 metres.

It is possible to support extra long lengths on temporary roller stands if they protrude past the end of the chosen conveyor. 

Ongoing technical support is available to assist with difficult jobs. Remote login direct to the machine controller allows our technical support staff to see exactly what is happening and provide direction to the operator.

Image Gallery

Some pics of the machine and its work

”We have greater confidence in our delivery dates than we’ve ever had before. There are few machines on the market which can handle the sheer array of profiles which the XB1200 can handle. Every week we find a new use and a faster way to process material with this machine" - Kirk Matthews


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