Building Information Modelling is here to stay

Building Information Modeling (BIM) is the new standard in structural engineering software. Whole structures can now be designed within a single environment.

Full assemblies can be exported as Industry Foundation Classes (IFC) files. The Metaltek XB1200 from ART is designed specifically to work directly with BIM Software and IFC files.

ProfileShop4 is the advanced 3D controller software that runs the XB1200 Robotic Beam Coping Machine. ProfileShop4 can extract all structural steel components, generate cutting programs, nest and cut automatically.

The XB1200 can also work directly from traditional steel detailing programs such as Tekla, StruCad, Advance Steel and other software that produces IFC or NC1 files.

In fact, the XB1200 is designed to work with almost any 2D or 3D cad software.

File formats that can be automatically processed include the following: IFC, NC1, DSTV, DXF, STP, STL, OBJ and IGS

These files support rectangular tube, beam, column, channel, angle and pipe and plate steel.

Download the specifications for compatible cutting files here