The Metaltek XB1200 is part of a range of cnc machinery manufactured by Advanced Robotic Technology (ART) in Australia.


ART design, manufacture, sell and support their CNC machines direct from the factory in Australia to the rest of the globe. Advanced Robotic Technology are currently seeking distributors in Europe and the U.S.A. for the purpose of representing our products.

As Advanced Robotic Technology is very mindful of providing first class support to its customers, it is vital that our partners are able to provide on-site installation, training and technical support to the end user.

If your company is interested in representing Advanced Robotic Technology (ART) within your country, then please let us know. We will consider specific areas/states or national arrangements.

Products that ART offer include:

  • XB1200 Robotic Coping Machine
  • XR Multi Purpose CNC Router
  • RT Heavy Duty CNC Router/Milling Machine
  • XP Ducting/Sheet Metal Plasma
  • XR Air Plasma Machine
  • XD Hi-def Plasma with auto tool change drilling /tapping head
  • RT Plasma – extra heavy duty high definition plasma with optional high power auto tool change drill/tap head
  • XL 4Kw Fibre Laser Cutter
  • 5 axis pressure vessel plasma  cutting machine
  • Water-jet Cutter coming soon

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