Plate cutting made easy!

Cut all your base plates and cleats on the same machine that cuts all of your structural profiles. The Metaltek XB1200 even performs bevel cutting. A full version of ToolShop nesting software is supplied to make plate nesting a breeze.

Plate Cutting Capabilities


Bevel cutting is supported through bpth DXF and G-code file formats.

Parts can be drawn in 2D CAD and exported as DXF with leaders used to identify bevel angles.


True Hole Technology

Plate cutting supports True Hole Technology. This gives bolt ready holes that exceed the requirements for bolted connections in most countries. Edge hardening, smoothness and cylindricity are all exceptional. Holes are automatically identified and cut using the correct settings.

Cutting Processes

The XB1200 is supplied with the Opti-Mix gas console. This enables etching/marking with either argon or nitrogen. Gas combinations are automatically selected for carbon steel, stainless and aluminium.

Once the material is selected, the controller automatically matches the correct settings to suit.


Parts can be etched using Argon or Nitrogen which both give different characteristics.

Argon gives a beautiful well defined line that is easy to read.

Nitrogen gives a deeper etch that can be seen through galvanising or paint for identification purposes.


The standard configuration brings the power and precision of the new Hypertherm XPR300 plasma torch. 50mm piercing is possible in mild steel, and bevel cutting up to 80mm total cut thickness is possible.


The XB1200 can cut full nests of parts from plate or sheet. ToolShop nesting software is included which enables full true-shape nesting. Weld preps and bevels are all supported.

Files can be supplied in DXF or G-code format.

More Features

Auto Plate loading

Plates are pre-loaded onto cartridges which are then queued up on the in-feed conveyors in line with all other steel profiles. The plates are fed through the machine and processed automatically.

fast & Easy nesting

A licenced version of ART ToolShop is included with the Metaltek XB1200. This desktop application allows the import of 2D DXF parts drawings and automatically nests them into the available plate or sheet size.

Bevelling & Weld Preps

The Metaltek XB1200 is a fully capable bevel cutting plasma profile cutting machine. Bevels and weld preps can be added to parts drawings with simple leaders. A,V and K style cuts are all available.